Muara Kuin Floating Market

muara_kuin.jpgThis tourist attraction is often regarded as a fantastic attraction, like the Venice of the East Banjarmasin World, because they both have the potential of river tourism. But both city and nature different cultural backgrounds. In Banjarmasin many found along the river floating houses called lanting house, which is always shaky play of the waves.

Kuin is a type of settlement areas that are along the river flow (waterfront village) that has several tourist attractions, such as nature tourism, cultural tourism and cultural tourism. Closely with the life of the community life of the river like a floating market, riverside village with its traditional architecture. The traffic of traditional boats with a wide variety of cargo is an interesting attraction for tourists, even expected to be developed as tourist villages so that it can be a shaper image in the promotion of tourism in South Kalimantan. Still in the same area, tourists can also visit the Mosque of Sultan Suriansyah and Mausoleum Complex of Sultan Suriansyah, Kembang island, islands and island Bakut Shocked. In Kuin also there for ornamental carving handicrafts Banjar home.

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