Mt Klabat is the highest volcano on Sulawesi island, located in the east of Manado city, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. A 170 × 250 m wide, shallow crater lake is found at the summit. There are no confirmed historical eruptions of the volcano. A report of eruption taking place in 1683 is thought to have been produced by the Mount Tongkoko volcano instead.

The highest mount in North Sulawesi (1995 m) is heavily zooming through pathway near of the police office in Airmadidi. Climb during one full nights, more fantastically and live in top while wait the sunrise and enjoy the morning scenery in Minahasa area with Tondano lake face nature. At Saturday and Sunday this mount like fun with climb activity and camp by the students. Raise the public transpoatation from market terminal 45 to Paal 2terminal, then rising public transport to Airmadidi terminal.


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