Mt Kelud tourism area is about 40 km, 45 Minutes from Kediri City. Kelud is a volcano. Breezes of fresh air and charming scenery make this area interesting for ecotourism, adventuring, and health purposes. Here we can enjoy the shady cool plantation, an area for rock climbing, jogging, cross country, and camping ground, a channel to the crater through the mountain, sulfur lake down the mountain volcanology information service, and entertainment performances on weekends / holidays.

Mt Kelud is a relatively small stratovolcano with a summit elevation at 1731m above sea level or 1650m above the densely populated and fertile plains of Kediri and Blitar that surround the volcano. Kelud volcano is located at about 27 km from Kediri city and lies between the volcanic massif of Mount Wilis to the West and the complex of Kawi and Butak volcanoes to the East.

Kelud volcano is considered as one of the most dangerous volcanoes of Java because of its frequent eruptions. The eruptive activity has typically generated deadly lahars, pyroclastic flows and surges that have claimed more than 15,000 lives since 1500 AD and caused widespread fatalities and destruction. The crater lake of Kelud is famous for its potential to release devastating lahars whenever an eruption occurs. 

The 1586 eruption produced one of the worst lahar in the historical record of volcanic eruptions and took the lives of about 10,000 people. Extensive works to control lahars have been achieved around the volcano. A system of drainage of the Crater Lake was completed in 1926. Today, this drainage tunnel still works and maintains the volume of the lake at a low level (2 million m3). Several dams were also built on the slopes of this volcano in order to protect the largest towns.

The tourism objects of mount Kelud:

– Ampera tunnel 110 m comes out at the Gajah Mungkur top was built in 1940 by Japanese; the function is to drain the lava.

– The cauldron of Mount Kelud that is believed by society can make peaceful and prosperity.

– The top of Sumbing, which was the characteristic of slope rocks structure with 90 % declining, used as medium for wall climbing. 

– The observation posts of mount Kelud.

– The ritual ceremony of Larung Sesaji in cauldron of Mount Kelud is held every September.


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