One of the areas in western Indonesia were very engrossed. Bengkulu one of them. How not, this area was so beautiful with the natural landscape panning charm. One of the places in which attention is Bengkulu Bukit Kaba, located in Kec. Curup Kab. Rejang Lebong, Bengkulu.

Mt Kaba tourist attraction has a stunning natural charm. We can see the rows of the Bukit Barisan altitude 2000 m above sea level. Natural Attractions Mt Kaba is a twin volcano with a black mountain that has been extinguished. At its peak there were three craters are quite beautiful to be enjoyed. To reach the summit of this mountain climbers kaba first.

When the sun started shining, the sky represents the beauty of the Kaba as the city of Bengkulu. This is a real model of Bengkulu. Where is the beauty of nature can not lie. He was able to say through every inch scenery so spectacular. The beauty of it would not disappear. Protrudes into the large crater, as if to prove the consistency of nature that remain in their habitat. The crater is so beautiful. Surrounded by green hills natural nan. Taken possession of cold air return. Due to the constant mist from the mouth of the crater. Wonders of the Mt Kaba seemed forever to be discussed. Nan this magnificent universe can be enjoyed when you visit Bengkulu.

Hill Nature Objects Kaba a twin volcano with a black mountain that has been extinguished. At the top there are three craters are quite beautiful to enjoy. From Curup to be reached from the west of Bengkulu about 90 miles round trip and also climbers can reach it from the east, from Palembang and Lahat regency through Lubuk Linggau. From Curup kaba hill toward the village and camping in the village Source Urip (north mountain) approximately 25 miles from Curup.

The climb up to the top of the village in the dike durian source urip approximately 1 to 4 hour drive, but this time can be a vehicle with two wheels and four wheels, even now there are motorcycle taxis are available to take the tourists to get to the top of the Mt kaba. On the way to the top of the Mt Kaba there are a lot of beautiful scenery and beautiful to the eye and plantations belonging to residents in the form of vegetable plantations sprawling at the foot of the hill kaba. Facilities outside stairs on the slope length Crater facilitate the tourists to reach the mouth of the other craters in the summit region. Hot springs in Water Meles (southwest slopes) and in Water Sempiang (south slope) is also the potential places for tourist volcano in Rejang Lebong District.


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