Mount Dempo is one of the natural tourism objects in Pagaralam. It is the highest peak in South Sumatra and might be reached directly from Palembang by car, after spending 6 hours more or less for about 295 kilometers. Grown in northern Sumatra (Indonesia) Highlands. The liquor tends to be light with a hint of body and meatiness. Dempo Volcano is located at Lahat Regency, South Sumatra Province while little part belongs to Muna Regency of Bengkulu Province. Geographically, it lies at 04° 02” SL and 103° 08” EL. The volcano has two peaks called Dempo and Merapi. The highest peak names Merapi with 3173 m high above sea level, while Dempo is about 3049 m. Dempo is a prominent 3173-m-high strata volcano that rises above the Pasumah Plain of SE Sumatra. Remnants of 7 craters are found at or near the summit, with volcanism migrating to the WNW with time. The historically active summit crater of Mount Dempo contains a 400-m-wide lake, located at the NW end of the crater complex. 

Historical eruptions have been restricted to small-to-moderate explosive activity that produced ash fall near the volcano. The big city close to the volcano is Pagaralam. Flight from Jakarta or Bandung to Palembang is the easiest way to reach this city. From Palembang the trip can be continued by car to Pagaralam or Dempo Plantation. Dempo Tea Plantation is the highest village about 1650 m. From this village, visitors start to climb and usually spend the night at Sawah Highland (3000 m) where lots of springs running into. 

Although the mountain is high enough there is clear water that can be found during the trip, so the climbers do not need to worry about running out of drinking water during the trip. A small river flows on the border of forest sign that we begin to enter the forest area is overgrown with plants similar to those we meet in the mountains Gede-Pangrango, the montane forest. The walkways filled with transverse roots, steep slope itself enough to sweat. No special signs, the state of the forest is almost homogeneous and very quiet.


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