Mouse Island (Pulau Tikus) is located near the city of Bengkulu, about 10 km from the city centre. It is a small island covered by rain forest surrounded by coral reefs rich in biological resources. The reefs and marine ecosystems are very fascinating. The clear water and beautiful coral rock makes this place an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. Or you can indulge in your fishing hobby since there are many different types of fish hiding behind the rocks.

The white sand and sea conditions make this place at night a habitat for Hawksbill and green turtles who will also come to the beach to lay their eggs. Pulau Tikus is one of the primary marine tourism destinations in the area. This small, coral island measures less than 2 hectares, yet is home to numerous coral formations, a flourishing marine life, abundant biological resources, exquisite natural beauty, and of course, an ocean of fun (literally).

When approaching this coral atoll, Rat Island looks like a tiny cluster of trees, bordered with a rim of white sands and surrounded by a turquoise sea. Its most distinctive feature is a skeletal, iron lighthouse rising high above the canopy of the island’s thick forest.Many years ago, the island was known as a haven and place of refuge from the storm for ships crossing the Indian Ocean.The lighthouse was built in 1907 and is still functional today.

Rocky coral reefs circle the entire circumference of the island, protecting it from erosion. Several species of coral make up these formations and even more marine ecosystems are supported within this reef. This small island is habitat to many species of birds, while its sandy, white coastline is nesting ground for two species of sea turtle, the Hawksbill and the Green Turtle.

Although relatively small, Rat Island holds great potential and promises a range of attractions and fun. The island’s natural and untouched beauty is amongst its main appeals, together with its crystal clear water and underwater landscapes. Taking a peek beneath the glassy surface is a temptation that should not be resisted, so add snorkeling to your list of things to do. Admire the well-formed corals and swim among a host of cool and colorful fishes.

Grab your fishing rod and try your luck at a fresh fish from the sea for lunch or dinner. If you wake up in the middle of the night, and your timing is perfect, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to catch a glimpse of the sea turtles making their way up the beach to lay their eggs. Witnessing this event is quite a rare experience.


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