Mount Talang

Getting There

Use a car from Padang to this area. Alternatively you can take a bus or public transportation from Padang to Solok.

Getting Around

Public transportations are available, and should you decide to climb the mountain you can contact some guides in this area.

To Do

View the active craters, there are four of them. For those who are interested to climb this mountain, you can admire the edelweiss flowers that grow here. Bask in the relaxing and comforting atmosphere and view the wonderful sights of the lakes and surrounding.

Talang Mountain has many exotic and rare species, one of which is tropical pitcher plant. Nepenthes inermis is probably the rarest variety of tropical pitcher plant. This plant lures insects and digests them to stay alive.

To Stay

For a short visit, it is best if you stay in Padang. Several accommodation are available should you wish to stay.

To Eat

West Sumatran dishes are very famous throughout Indonesia. They are spicy and very addictive. There are plenty of restaurants here, one of the most reputable ones would be Dendeng Baracik H. Emmy restaurant in Solok. The dendeng (some kind of beef jerky) is made with coconut water and is bound to make your mouth water. You can also sample other specialties like kampiun porridge, black sticky rice and so on.

To Buy

Fresh fruit, especially marquisa or passion fruit are abundant and quite affordable, too. They are sweet and perfect to be had while enjoying the breathtaking view.


– Bring along a jacket or sweater since the temperature is quite cool here.
– It’s advisable to rent a car with a skilled driver to this area since the roads can be steep.

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