Mount Tajam and Gurok Beraye Waterfall

Mount Tajam and Gurok Beraye Waterfall is located in Badau District the hamlet of Water Pegantungan Botor Beans Village approximately 32 miles from Tanjungpandan. Diarea have a protected forest area and an area of ​​30 hectares. Sharp Mountain dipuncak stasiunrelay TVRI there once and now managed by PT.Timah been submitted to the Local Government Balitung.

Geographically, Tajam Mountain is the highest mountain in the island of Billiton altitude of approximately 510 M above sea level. Tajam mountain is a non-volcanic mountain. The mountain is called Mount sharply as if glimpsed from afar, the mountain is visible triangular taper. Tajam mountain is also a mountain of potential as a tourist destination of pilgrimage because of this there is the tomb Syech dipuncak Abu Bakar Abdullah one of the first Islamic missionaries in the Pacific Islands. Sharp mountain tourists can also do the “mountain climbing” and camping. There is a sharp mountain waterfall Gurok Beraye a clear watery. Very exciting once bathing in a waterfall after a tired look around at Tajam Mountain.

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