Mount Merapi Erupted Three Times in a Row, Magma Indication Towards the Surface


Mount Merapi Erupted Three Times in a Row, BPPTKG Called Magma Indication Towards the Surface

During the last two days from Friday-Saturday (March 27-28, 2020) Mount Merapi erupted three times.

Details of the eruption include Friday (3/27/2020) at 10.46 West Indonesia Time and 21.46 West Indonesia Time, and Saturday (3/28/2020) at 5:21 West Indonesia Time.

Each eruption produced a column height of 5000 meters, 1000 meters, and 2000 meters.

Seismographs recording the second and third eruptions have amplitudes of 40 mm and 50 mm respectively with a duration of 180 seconds.

No hot clouds were observed from this eruption.

The Volcano Observatory Notice for Aviation (VONA) is issued in orange.

The wind when the eruption leads to the West.

As a result of the eruption, there was a thin ash rain within a radius of 5 km from the peak of Mount Merapi, especially in the Western sector reaching several in the Magelang Regency.

“The threat is within a 3 km radius in the form of a material throw. We hope that the public really does not approach a radius of 3 km.”

“For those who are near the radius limit, please use a mask. But in the current period (the appeal remains at home) we hope that people can stay at home,” said Head of Yogyakarta BPPTKG, Hanik Humaida in an online press conference held on Saturday at 10:15 WIB.

Hanik continued, seismicity after the eruption on Friday at 10:46 WIB was dominated by LF earthquake or fluid movement, which was 24 times, blowing 11 times, falling twice, and MP twice.

These observational data indicate that fluid is moving to the surface, but the pressure is not strong enough because the eruption material is dominated by volcanic gas.

“This kind of eruption can still continue to occur. Successive eruptions in the near future indicate the existence of a supply of magma coming to the surface. Now we do not know the extent of magma. We are waiting for what kind of development,” explained Hanik.

He added that the threat of this eruption in the form of hot clouds and volcanic material burst with a range of less than 3 km.

Hanik urged people to remain calm and carry out their activities as usual outside the 3 km radius from the peak of Mount Merapi.

For official information on the activities of Mount Merapi, the public can access

Information via the nearest Mount Merapi Observation Post, radio communication on the frequency 165.075 MHz, website, BPPTKG social media, or to the BPPTKG office, Jalan Cendana No. 15 Yogyakarta, telephone (0274) 514192.

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