Mount Gamalama

Although impressed dangerous, but kept the charm Gamalama extraordinary beauty. So, no wonder if many of the explorers of nature that is excited to climb this mountain. Stretch of clove and nutmeg plantations, will accompany the climbers during the trip to the summit. Once on top of the mountain, the climbers can see Ternate Island landscape. Not only that, several other islands, such as Tidore Island, Halmahera Island, and Island Maitara, can be seen from here.

In addition to stunning scenery, hikers will also find unique places in these mountains. Among them is a stone fountain in the groove width of a large pan, which by local people called Abdas springs. It is said that this spring can cure various diseases. So, no wonder if the people of Ternate so hallowed this spring. Thus, there are certain rules to take water from springs Abdas, which should not be scrambled, and each person is only allowed to take one bottle.

In addition Abdas springs, other interesting places are the people of Ternate ancestral graves, hundreds of years old. Unknown, why these graves could be there at the peak of Mount Gamalama. But certainly, the people of Ternate very hallowed graves. Many people who climb Mount Gamalama Ternate for pilgrimage at the tomb of this ancestor.

Ternate town can be reached by aircraft or ships. If you want to use the aircraft, there are several airlines that have flights between Jakarta – Manado – Ternate, and Jakarta – Makassar – Ternate. If you want to use ships, PT. Pelni have walked the route once a week Ternate. From the center of Ternate, visitors can move on to the village Moya using public transport. This trip, takes about 30 minutes.

To climb Mount Gamalama visitors are not charged any fees. In the climbing route to the summit of Mount Gamalama, the climbers will see three headings that are often used as a resting place. In the village of Moya, there is only one small shop. Therefore, it is suggested to the climbers to complete the supplies sufficiently. In addition, if require lodging before or after climbing, tourists can easily obtain it in the center of Ternate.

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