Mount Batukaru – Bali

gunung_batukaru_artikel1.jpgMt. Batukaru (2200 m) is the second highest mountain to Mt Agung (3142 m). The word Batukaru translated means, “The Coconut Shell Rock”. Mount Batukaru is an extinct volcano.

Trekking to the summit of Batukaru is a 6 – 7 hour trip to the summit, and 5 hours to return. A medium to high level of fitness is required – it can be very steep in parts of the climb. A day return trip should be started around 6 am to allow time to return in daylight. Alternatively, an over night stay at the summit in tents or under the stars can make the trip a more enjoyable experience. Note: This walk is not recommended for children under 10 years old.

What You Will See
The trek to the summit for the most part is shaded by tropical rainforest. The trail is narrow and unsealed. You will climb from 700 m ascending to 2200 m. You will pass small mountain temples on the way, that can only be entered if you are wearing a sash.
Note: Women menstruating are not permitted to enter the temple grounds.

On the trek you will see Giant Fig trees, Native Orchids, epiphytes and incredible Pandanas trees. Your guide will pick native bush foods for you to try. Although this is the home of the small deer (Kijang), wild cats (civet) and Rhesus/Leaf eating monkeys the only likely evidence that you will see is their droppings on the trail. From the summit on a clear day you will see the crater of Batukaru, the lakes of Bedugul, Lombok, Java and Bali. You may find you are above the clouds.

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