Mount Abang

mount_abang.jpgMt. Abang (2,153 m), or Mt. Red, offers a sweeping views of the surrounding landscape, heavily forested in one side and lightly barren on the other, with many beautiful flowers of various colors along the way. People may find this more enjoyable climbing during the light hours to get shade from the searing sunlight. Nearby the top of this peak lie old temples such as Pura Munggu, Pura Manu Kaya, Pura Puncak Tuluk Biu.

Location: Mt. Abang is located in the sub-district of Kintamani, Bangli. To get to the trailhead at Gunung Abang you should look for Penelokan on the way to Kintamani. About 4 km south of Penelokan is a right turn heading for Suter. Take this road and do not turn right off of this road. Follow the road until it becomes a dirt track that follows the crater rim; ask locals as often as you need.
Facility: Visitors must prepare their own requirements here. No facility is available.

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