Moramo Waterfall


No other in Indonesia is quite like the Moramo Waterfall. It is unique in traversing a 2 Km plateau, with 127 separate terraced plumes, with the top of the waterfall some 100 meters above is basin pool. The falls have seven main terraces, each with its own natural bathing pool. This combination produces clean, fresh, cool air in the shade production tropical, jungle-forest setting, which surrounds the falls. This is the perfect habitat for Southeast Sulawesi’s native animals and birds. Those who love nature at its purest will find this an ideal environment. Only 65 km east of Kendari, Moramo Waterfall is easily accessible by car or by boat, crossing Moramo Bay, with wide panoramic scenery of the sea. Situated within the Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve at the  Sumber Sari Village, Moramo District, in the Konawe Regency, some  60km from Kendari, capital city of South Sulawesi,  is the Moramo Waterfall, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. Formed by thousands of  years of natural processes, the waterfall truly offers a magnificent view of rushing water cascading over huge granite boulders with  heights  somewhere between a half  to 3 meters. The beauty of the  Moramo waterfall even led the local Konawe people to believe that angels frequently descend from heaven to bathe in its refreshing stream. The enchanting beauty of the waterfall is often enhanced  with the appearance of colorful rainbows crowning over the rushing waters.

Along the 2km road from the main entrance, you will be greeted by rows of hundreds of years old topical trees. There is also a small waterfall with crystal clear water that  you will encounter before you reach the great Moramo Waterfall. Among the many ponds formed by the stages in the Moramo waterfall, there is one which is particularly wide and deep enough to swim. The water is refreshingly clear and calming which is perfect for swimming or just to soak yourself in the beauty of nature and release all the tensions of daily city life. Within the Tanjung Peropa Nature Reserve surrounding the waterfall you will also get to chance to see some  unique animals of Sulawesi’s forests such as the  anoa, babirusa, toucans, and more.

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