mojokerto.jpgMojokerto regency formed as Stage menthe based a governor J. Van Limburgstirum decision on 20 Junes 1918, Staatblad in 1918 Numbers 324. Then at Japan epoch, Mojokerto regency was having status, as ‘sidi’. Sie Cok and Sie Sangikat who had its proxy beside the proxy from Mojokerto area held the Government.

Mojokerto has known as the location of the biggest kingdom of Mojopahit. This regency also saves a lot of temples of Mojopahit Kingdom. Mojokerto was the government center of the whole nation area. So that, many temples had found in this area, especially in Trowulan district, Mojokerto regency. Beside that, Mojokerto also categorized as a fertile area and small area. It has big river named Brantas River. Farmers dominate the societies.

Beside Trowulan tourism area, Mojokerto also has many interesting places to be visited. Try to visit Dlundung waterfall in Trawas district. It offers beautiful scenery of natural waterfall with its fresh and cool air. The other beautiful waterfall in Mojokerto tourism is Coban Canggu waterfall that located in Padusan village, Pacet district.

Padusan, is a fresh place because there are many kinds of teak trees there and has an international level of swimming pool.

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