MIE ONGKLOK – Delicious Culinary Icon of Wonosobo

mie_ongklok_artikel6.jpgThat small stall in front of a house in Pasukan Ronggolawe Street, Wonosobo, seemed not special. The place was just average and its properties were not luxurious. However, most of the people of Wonosobo referenced this place, often called Mie Ongklok Longkrang, as the right place to get delicious Mie Ongklok. Just like the other type of noodle dishes, the main ingredient was noodles and vegetables. The difference was if others use sawi (green cabbage), mie ongklok use cabbage and garlic chives. If the noodles and vegetables were boiled first, then making mie ongklok was different. The seller put the noodles, cabbage and garlic chives in a kind of bamboo sieve and then ongklok-ongklok it (repeatedly dip it into boiling water).

The gravy was also different. Noodles and vegetables were arranged in a bowl and then poured by two kinds of sauce. The first sauce was a thick brown sauce made from a mixture of cassava quintessence, brown sugar, dried shrimp, and other secret recipes. After that, the noodles poured with peanut sauce dressing and then added with some pepper powder and fried shallot. A bowl of mie ongklok was ready to eat. It was savory and slightly sweet. A thick sauce gave unique sensation on the tongue. If you want it to be spicy, they also provide a bowl of blended green chilies.

Mie ongklok was always served with beef satay. Why beef? Mr. Waluyo who has been serving Mie Ongklok Longkrang for 18 years continuing his father’s business had tried various types of satay, but the beef satay is the most well-matched to be served with mie ongklok. The taste and texture of the meat is considered the best. Tempe kemul (another traditional food of fried tempe with flour) and cireng aka aci goreng (fried tapioca flour) are some other side dishes. All of them bring an extraordinary taste and are guaranteed to make your tongue melted because of the deliciousness.

The portion was small, which made YogYES very grateful, made it perfect as an afternoon meal between lunch and dinner. Nevertheless there’s no prohibition to order extra portions if you’re really hungry. Mie ongklok are also good for your health. Garlic chives were scientifically proven as an anti-hypertension. This is caused by tetrametiloksamida and ester 17- etadekadesenil on it. The anti-hypertensive effect is equivalent to atenolol dose of 25 mg often prescribed to reduce hypertension. Meanwhile, cabbage is known to have many healthy effects since the days of Hippocrates in 460-377 BC. The content of active sulforafan substance and its histidine can inhibit tumor growth, prevent rectum and colon cancer, detoxifications of dangerous chemical compounds, and increase endurance to fight cancer. Moreover, the sulfur’s amino acid content lowering the high cholesterol levels, calm the nerves, and uplifting the energy. So do not underestimate a bowl of mie ongklok, because it has many incredible healthy effects.

Quoted from : http://dieng.yogyes.com/en/see-and-do/traditional-culinary/mie-ongklok/

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