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keraton_solo.jpgSnippet lyrics of popular songs of Solo Racing by Didi Kempot this might evoke a memory that makes you want to re-explore the corners of the city of Solo. But if not, try to visit and feel the hospitality.

Solo is the city that never sleeps, there is always something interesting that you can find here. The city is also known as a common tourist destination visited by tourists from big cities.

Place very closely with the city of Solo is Keraton Surakarta Kasunanan which has an area of about 500 x 700 meters. This royal palace surrounded by defensive walls (fort) as high as 3-5 meters with a thickness of 1 meter, called bastion. Most of the palace is nuanced white and blue with a mixture of Javanese and European architectures

In the courtyard or the palace, you can also see a tower named Stage Sanggabuwono. The tower is said to be visible this mysterious meeting place for the King with the Queen of South, the ruler of the South Seas.

On history, this palace was built in 1745 by King Pakubowono II with Prince architect Mangkubumi (Sultan Hamengkubuwono I) which also became an architect Sultan Palace. Therefore, it is not surprising that the basic pattern of spatial two palaces (the Yogyakarta and Surakarta) have many similarities.

After visiting the palace, you should try the activities around town by horse-drawn carriage (carriage) or a rickshaw, looking at old buildings and a maze along the whitewashed walls of the palace. At first glance, the old city of Solo, similar to the one in Jakarta and Semarang.

In addition to views of the city and palace justify Kasunanan, Solo also offers nature tours like Tawangmangu in eastern cities and tourist areas in the western city Selo. Solo also has a comprehensive museum of batik in Indonesia, which the House of Dana Hadi.

When plesiran, do not forget to taste a variety of typical foods such as rice liwet Surakarta, timlo rice, rice warm, cabuk rambak, pancake Notosuman, voyeur, bakpia mudhole, and mandarin bread. There’s also grilled chicken served with grilled vegetables or raw vegetables and pecel with vegetables cooked over rice served with spicy peanut sauce.

As a by-by, you can buy batik Solo which has a characteristic brownish color processing that is typical (Sogan). Selection of color tend to be dark, following the trend of batik interior. Batik trade center in this city in Kampung Batik Pasar Klewer and Laweyan. Want to go back or the first to Solo, access to the city is quite easy, you can take a train, bus, plane or private vehicle. When through the air, can be stopped at the international airport Adisumarmo. From Jakarta latency of about 50 minutes.

Meanwhile on land, railway operates regularly between the Solo and Jakarta with travel time between 11-12 hours. For night bus trip from Jakarta to Solo takes about 12 hours. The main railway station in Solo named Solo Racing and is located adjacent to the bus terminal Tirtonadi. ( / * / X-13)

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