Located on the island of Galang. The beach is not just a maritime tourist attraction that you can enjoy its beauty. But this beach has a myriad of historical stories of the refugees Vietnam is famous for Human greeting boat, when stranded on the island of Batam. The layout of the beach is only one kilometer from the tourist area of the former ghetto Vietnam which is also located on the island of Galang. Visit this beach, not only the beauty and historical stories obtained, but during the trip from downtown Nagoya there, you will pass through five bridges pride of Batam named Barelang 1, 2,3,4 and 5. Of course, the bridge around the main islands belonging to the city of Batam provides stunning views. You is not unlike seeing a sea of blue decorate small islands. Conditions enough sloping beach of fine white sandy beach with a width of 20-30 meters, while the length to approximately 100-200 meters. Is a popular tourist attraction nautical tourists, among others, swimming and sailing. If this location was about visiting tourist sites can be reached from Nagoya via trans Berelang ranges from 60-90 minutes. all your eyes could see, the extent of white sand which is presented together with a small wave wandered blindly, also enjoy the wind
A gentle pampering you. Not only that, the trees that exist in Beach Melur also adds to this exotic beach. This beach is suitable for swimming, relaxing under leafy trees, take pictures, stroll on the sand while beach enjoying the fresh air, playing beach volleyball or soccer. In addition to enjoying the beautiful beaches, you can also walk to the woods in the surrounding hills. You should not miss the opportunity to visit local area used by Vietnamese refugees in the village of Sijantung, Galang Island. This tourist site is located only 2 km from the Beach Melur.

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