Medan Zoo, Favorite Tourist Attraction in Medan

Medan Zoo is a tourist spot that combines the concept of conservation, education and recreation, visitors will gain knowledge about the flora and fauna here. Flora and fauna that come from various regions in Indonesia and from abroad. Its location is located at Jalan PintuAir IV, Kulurahan Simalingkar B,Medan District Tuntungan.

Medan Zoo has a total area of 30 hectares. The location is about 10 Km from the city of Medan to Berastagi direction. Medan Zoo could become tourist attractions for your reference and families who want to vacation. Medan Zoo has a collection of various kinds of tropical animals, mammals such as bears, tigers, lions, elephants, reptiles, birds and others. 

However Medan zoo get much difficulty in maintaining and keeping such animals, especially the problem offood for them. Especially for food monkeys, orangutans, elephants, bears generally feed on fruit, leaves and bark. For fresh fruit and vegetables is now very expensive, so it is not sufficient for their needs, sometimes they give good food that is not consumed (fruit and vegetables are rotten), the impact, the animals threatened his health. 

Therefore we initiated to create a project to help the Medan zoo to producing food for their animals. The project is “MEDAN ZOO FOOD AID”. The final goal (long-term) of the project are:
– Medan zoo can produce food for their own animals, so the animals get a lot of foods to eat, good food for consumption, and the animals healthy.
– Reduce the risk of animal death from lack of food or bad food. 
– Reduce the cost of purchasing food for the animals at Medan Zoo. 
– Be an inspiration to other Zoos in Indonesia 
Implementation of this project we will be planting a variety of tree fruits, such as rambutan, mango,mangosteen, durian, Rambe, Duku, kuini, bananas, watermelon, oranges, papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe,cucumber, cocoa, coffee, corn, etc. We will also planting variety of grasses to eat the elephant, horses, deer, and others with a variety of grasses such as elephant grass, sugar cane, corn, paitan, and planting some trees who bark and leaf consumed by the animal. 

Medan Zoo is a fairly run down zoo located 10kms from the centre of Medan on Jl Bunga Rampe IV in the Simalingkar B District. The zoo has on display 86 different species of animals including the Sumatra Tiger, Sumatran Elephant and Orangutan. It is best to visit the zoo on weekdays as on weekends it does get crowded with the locals visiting.

The Crocodile farm at Asam Kumband village has over 2000 crocodiles. Located 10km from the centre of Medan. Covers 3 hectares.

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