The mosque is located in the Senapelan District, PekanBaru, Riau, Indonesia. The mosque is also known as Masjid Raya Pekanbaru was built in 1762 and is one of the oldest mosque in Riau. This mosque was built in the 18th century, around the year 1762 M, the days of the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil Alamuddin Syah (Sultan IV), and Muhammad Ali Sultan Abdul Jalil Muazzam Syah (Sultan V) of the kingdom of Siak. At the beginning of construction, the mosque was small and made of wood. The construction of this mosque can not be on the release of the historical development of Kingdom of Siak which adopts a “Tali Berpilin Tiga”. The point is, three important elements in the kingdom that must be kept, namely: King, customs, and religion. Therefore, in the center of the kingdom will always find three buildings that became a symbol of the presence of these three elements, namely: the palace as a symbol of the presence of the king, Hall density as custom symbols, and a mosque as a religious symbol. If the central government to move, then the king would return to rebuild three of these elements.

Senapelan mosque or grand mosque often called pekanbaru conducted in line with the transfer of the royal capital of mempura siak big hill to Senapelan (now called hill village) Sultan Alamuddin future. At that time, Sultan Abdul Jalil Alamuddin Syah give the name of this mosque as Alam Mosque. The name is taken from the name of Sultan Alamuddin little time: Raja Alam. When the mosque was completed, held a ceremony “up” once held Friday prayers. Imam and Khatib was in when it was Sayyid Osman Syahabuddin, great scholars Siak royal son in law of Sultan. Nowadays, you can see it as a magnificent mosque Malay dominated distinctive yellow color and a large vaulted. Once renovated, the size of the mosque now reached 60 x 80 meters.

In the past, in this mosque there is an old well where the water is believed to cure various diseases. That said, these wells to be heard to the neighboring countries and making tourists from Singapore, Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia have come to prove it. They use well water bath is to pay intention or vow previously promised. Now the well has been shut down for several reasons. In its development, this mosque has been renamed several times. At first named Alam Mosque, then Masjid Nur Alam, and is now better known as Masjid Raya Pekanbaru.

In the reign of Sultan Sharif Ali Jalil Syaifuddin (1784-1810 AD), the mosque was renovated again by giving a “corridor” for the rest of the pilgrims. In 1940 M, built also a gate facing east.

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