Martin Billa Waterfall


waterfall Martin Billa is one of the most beautiful tourist spots in North Borneo, Indonesia. This waterfall is about 100 km from the capital city of Malinau and 30 km from the village of Long Loreh, Kecematan South Malinau. Waterfall which has a height of 70 meters is located in the middle of a tropical jungle and began to be managed by the government since Martin Billa served as Regent for 2 consecutive periods, which is why this waterfall waterfall called Martin Billa.

Because of the distance from the capital about 3 hours by car makes this tour is still less visited by tourists outside Malinau District. In addition to transportation, the road to get there is still a gravel rose by road hauling coal mining. If you intend to visit the waterfall Martin Billa, should not use two wheels vehicle but you must use a four-wheel car alias, because all the way from Malinau to Long Loreh full of dust caused by the brick load truck traffic. Visitors can use two-wheeled vehicles shortly after the rain because the road is not dusty, but if you are determined to break through the dust in the summer, I remind you, do not forget to prepare the mask, jacket and helmet standard (no glass in front of the helmet). It is quite tiring trip, but there arrived all fatigue disappear instantly paid off with the natural beauty of waterfalls and pristine tropical forests around the waterfall Martin Billa. In addition, there is also a hot waterfall Semolon which is also managed by Martin Billa.

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