Maros Tourist Attraction, South Sulawesi – Indonesia

Welcome to Maros Regency!

Maros regency is one of the former kingdom in South Sulawesi. In the context of history in the XV century in this area a kingdom which once stood with the king’s first royal title “Marusu Karaeng Ripakere Loe”. In the course of the historical royal Marusu has given the influence of psychological and respected, so that the Dutch colonial government was not easy to conquer. But in subsequent developments there is competition among the kingdom since each has an interest and wanted to name the capital of his kingdom, established as the name of Maros Regency. Applicable Indigenous Governance System, among others:
1. Traditional Government Todde Limae.
2. Traditional Government Gallarang Appakka
3. Traditional Government Lebbo Tengngae, on February 1, 1960 Maros regency established as an autonomous region (Autonomous II) is marked by the appointment of Regent Nurdin Djohan. Therefore, each dated February 1, commemorated as the anniversary Maros Regency.

Geographically, Maros regency is located between 4045 -5007 south latitude and 109 20 -129 12 east longitude, with total area of 1619.11 km 2, It is adjacent to Pangkep regency in the north. Makassar city and Gowa Regency in the south, Bone regency in the east and Makassar straits in the west. Its total area is 1.619,12 square kilometers.

Maros Regency can be reach in about 1,5 – 2 hours drive from Makassar, which is rich with karst mountains and spread of paddy field, making the natural panorama really interesting.

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