Marikurubu Village


The villages of Marikurubu and Air Tege Tege lie roughly 400 metres above sea level so for the first hour or two it is very hot and exhausting climbing steeply through the forest. The best thing to do is to start as early as you can. At weekends, the hike is very popular with local teenagers who sometimes camp just below the summit. After just under 3 hours of steep jungle trails there is a red and white danger sign. A little further on, the path flattens out and leads round to the left and through large reeds. The trail then descends slightly before ascending again to the edge of the vegetation and onto a steep section of sharp black volcanic rocks. Rubber gloves would be useful here to avoid cutting your hands.

You reach a false summit marked with numerous cairns and remains of campfires before dropping down again and then heading back up for the final 30 minute ascent to the actual summit and edge of the crater, currently marked by further cairns and a small green flag. The rocks here are hot and sulphur gas blows across the peak every two minutes or so. In good conditions the views are fantastic – the perfect cone of Kiematubu on Tidore, Halmahera island and numerous other small islands nearby. It takes approximately 3 hours to decend back to Marikurubu/Air Tege Tege but be careful to stay on the correct path or else you could easily end up further north at the village of Moya.

To go to Marikurubu village you have to climb the Gamalama Volcano. It needs 4 hours but it is an easy climb. While on your way to the village or maybe to the peak of the volcano, you will have a good view of a clove plantation. In the plantation you maybe interested in looking for the oldest clove tree. It is said that the clove tree is older than 400 years old.

Marikurubu is an excellent area for hiking. In this region there is also an old clove plantations located in a large region on the slopes Gamalama. Plantation is touted to have the world’s oldest clove tree; nearly 400 years old and still able to produce about 400 kg of cloves every year.

Climbing to the summit of Mount Gamalama not difficult and only takes about four hours. Tourists usually start climbing at five o’clock in the morning from Marikurubu order to reach the summit when the weather is still sunny. Panorama from the summit is very impressive.

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