Manusela National Park

Conservation and threats
In 1972 two areas in central Seram were designated as nature reserves: Wae Nua (20,000 ha) and Wae Mual (17,500 ha). After a survey in 1978 a proposal was made to unite the two areas to form Manusela National Park.Manusela National Park was established in 1997, to protect an area of 1,890 km², representing 11% of the land area of Seram island.

A major threat is posed by deforestation, with logging concessions covering 48% of Seram’s forest, and illegal logging even having been recorded inside Manusela National Park.Another threat is posed by illegal wild bird trading, particularly targeting the Salmon-crested Cockatoo. The population of the endemic Salmon-crested Cockatoo is now gravely threatened due to hunting and the destruction of its habitat,and the park remains its last stronghold. For the first time in 2006 nine cockatoos have been released in the wild after being confiscated from a smuggler in 2004.

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