If you’re a Lombok adventure lover, it’s a pity if you’re visit Lombok without visiting this Gili island, passing by Wallace line, namely Gili Sulat. In this gili island there is a mangrove forest where it becomes a living place for many kind of birds. You can also enjoy unforgettable Lombok tourism attraction and that is interesting to tell.

Gili Sulat administratively included in East Lombok regency. In this Lombok gili island which has 5,2 km coastal line, you may find mangrove forest which still in natural condition.many kind of bird species can be found here, and one of the famous species is bertong bird or maleo bird (macrocephalon maleo) which make the nest in the cave-shaped ground. In certain times, these birds migrate to other lands such as Sumbawa, Bima, Bali and Sulawesi. You will be so lucky if you visit this island and able to meet this bird.

Gili sulat has the most complex species in the South East Asia because the mangrove forest is still dense and complete. If you entering this mangrove area, you have to be very careful since this place is also a living place for some snake species, and one of them is the green snake.

The beauty of Gili Sulat hasn’t been familiar yet to domestic visitors. Only few of them visit this gili island compared some popular gilis such as Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno. Either with the foreign visitors. The lack of facilities makes them choose to visit Gili Kondo which located in the east side of Gili Sulat. There are no accommodations or restaurant in this place, but you will find only guarding post and entrance way into the mangrove forest for along 400 m. by that road made from boards, you can walk into the middle of the mangrove woods.

 Not long after you enter the mangrove forest, you will be welcomed by the sound of birds which perching in the mangrove’s branch. If you look below you will see various fishes live in amongst the mangrove roots which is their favorite place to live and to hide. It’s recommended if you stay a while in the end of the bridge while enjoying the tranquility situation. If you bring your food supply, you can open it here.

Walking in the mangrove forest in fact is not the main attraction. In the mangrove forest water area, you can play canoe which you can direct it into the mangrove’s alleys. The unique part is you will never get lost because these alleys will take you always to the tip of the gili. If you do a Lombok adventure through this mangrove forest, you’ll feel like entering Amazon jungle. Sea creatures and coral reef look so clear from the canoe, because the water is so shallow and clear. The situation also calm because there are no waves here. Besides, if you like to swim, this gili has some locations to swim and to snorkel. Those places are competitive even more beautiful compared to other diving places in Lombok. Usually the boat crew, who take visitors here, knows the best locations to do snorkeling and swimming. To get into Gili Sulat, from Mataram city, you have to go to crossing harbor at small village of Transad, at Labuan Pandan village east Lombok district. In this small island, you can find many many boats which ready to take you to cross to Gili Sulat. It takes 1 hour sea trip to the gili.

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