Mangrove Forest


FOREST mangrove forest is located in the waterfront area Tarakan. Mangroves or also called mangrove forests are forests that grow in brackish water, and is influenced by the tide. This forest is growing, especially in places where there is silting and accumulation of organic matter. Both in the bay sheltered bays of the onslaught of the waves, as well as around the mouth of the river where the water slows down and precipitate sludge brought from upstream.

Mangrove ecosystems are unique, both because of the silting that resulted in a lack of soil erosion; high soil salinity; as well undergo recycling tidal inundation by sea water. Only a few species of plants that survive in this kind of place, and these types are mostly typical of mangroves since has gone through a process of adaptation and evolution. One of the main functions of mangrove forests is to protect the shoreline from erosion or erosion, and reduce large waves, including tsunami. In Japan, one of the efforts to reduce the impact of the tsunami threat is to install the Green Belt or green belt of mangrove forests or mangroves. While in Indonesia, about 28 regions in Indonesia is prone to tsunami because many mangroves have been converted to farms, oil palm plantations and control other functions.

But in the past 10 years, since the establishment of Mangrove Forest Management Center (BPHM) Region I and II, the benefits of mangrove forests is also growing. Until now, mangrove forests have other benefits, in addition to wood, or commonly referred to as Hasil Hutan Bukan Kayu (HHBK) Mangrove, namely; as food and beverage, as well as for dyes and cosmetics. Mangrove forests is widespread in parts is quite hot in the world, especially around the equator in tropical areas and little in the subtropical.

In Indonesia, extensive mangrove forests contained around Shoal Sunda relatively quiet and is a major river empties into the river. Which is on the east coast of Sumatra, and the western and southern coast of Borneo. On the north coast of Java, forests have long been eroded by the needs of its population to the land.

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