Mampu Cave

mampu.jpgMampu of cave is the largest cave in South Sulawesi, the legendary cave of this Mampu away approximately 140 km from the city of Makassar in addition to the composition of stalagmites and there stalagtites similar stone human figures and animals, all have a real legend. The cave is located in Bone regency, South Sulawesi this, not just cave. Particularly for communities around the Cave of Able, thus the name of this cave. Able cave, laden with legend so believable.
Able cave with an area of approximately 2000 square meters, located in the village Cabbeng, District Two Boccoe, a distance of 34 kilometers from Watampone, the capital of Bone.

Legend Able Alleborenge Ri, is growing around the cave, believed to be hereditary, as a truth. It seems, in this cave once stood Kingdom Able Able. However, due to the curse of gods, the inhabitants of this kingdom, including animals and other objects turned into stone.
Boulder-like humans, animals, and others, are easily found in this cave. This picture of human life like dioramas in the past, in times Mampu Kingdom.
Legends that developed about this Mampu Cave, also found in the ancient Bugis manuscripts, which revolves around the affected villages curse the gods. Inside the Cave Mampu, stalactite and stalagmite also found, which adds to the beauty of its interior.
Caves formed by natural processes, for hundreds of years, not entirely successfully traced. Not even half. 700 new of 2000 square meters of successful visits.
However, the legend that developed in the community about Able Cave, has made many people visited this cave. Macam.ada kinds of motivation-just look around, some are looking for a blessing, that is willing to spend the night in a cave.
The visitors, so it can not directly enter the cave. They must equip themselves with lighting equipment. A number of small boys with bamboo torches in hand, ready to take visitors through the cave.
The boys are in addition to rent out his bamboo torches, also Mampu of being a good cave guides. They understand the story around the cave, complete with spices-seasonings.
Sundays and religious holidays, the days that awaited these children. At the moment visitors booming, which means bringing more sustenance for them. During the 2-hour cave accompany visitors, usually young children like this Budi, get tips five thousand rupiah.
Unfortunately, that is widely used bamboo torches, the smoke of charcoal black leaves attached to the roof and walls of the cave. So that the impression of a dirty, difficult to avoid.
Yet even then, a flock kalelawar nesting in this cave, still loyal to inhabit the cave Mampu. Even his presence that has tens this year, coloring Cave Mampu.
The sacredness of the Cave of Able, was still awake until now. How people live around the cave, keeping the legend that adorned these caves.

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