Malino one vacation spot for families. many people like to visit in malino as beautiful panorama and the air is cool and clean. In malino there is a waterfall usual Takkapala kunjungungi the tourists and also called as the city of flowers, besides the city there are also tea gardens.

Malino is a village located in District Tinggimoncong, Gowa regency, South Sulawesi. The area is located 90 km from Makassar to the south is one of the natural attractions that have a tremendous attraction. Malino tourist areas alone, there are jungle tours, a tall pine trees lined the hills and valleys. The road uphill and winding road by crossing mountain ranges and beautiful valleys like painting nature, will take you to the town of Malino. The area is known as an area of ??recreation and tourism since the Dutch colonial era.

Malino has mountains that is rich with limestone scenery and pine. Various kinds of beautiful tropical plants, grow and thrive in this cold city. In addition, the Malino also produce fruits and vegetables growing in the typical mountain slopes Bawakaraeng. Some communities in South Sulawesi was cultured mountain as a sacred place and sacred.

Travelling from the city of Makassar towards this area takes about 2 hours. Thousand staircase waterfall, waterfall Takapala, Nittoh Tea Gardens, Blue Valley, Japan and Mountain Heritage bunker Bawakaraeng characterizes the town of Malino. Souvenirs typical of this region is the fruit of passionfruit, lunkhead sticky, Tenteng Malino, apples, diamonds, etc.. Malino also a rice-producing areas for the region of South Sulawesi.

Before emerging name Malino, once local people know him by the name of the village ‘Lapparak’. Laparrak in Makassar language means flat, which means also that only in places that are flat areas, among the mountains stood firm. Malino city becoming known and increasingly popular since the Dutch colonial era, especially after the Governor-General Caron in 1927 ruled in “Celebes on Onderhorighodon” made the Malino in 1927 as a retreat for government officials.


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