Make spicy Satay Bulayak Swaying Tongue If a visit to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, do not forget to taste one of Lombok culinary Bulayak Sate. Look it was not difficult, since in all areas of Udayana, Mataram, this bulayak sate merchants lined the edges.

Sate is not much different from the satay, satay can be found in every area. Buyers also can choose according to taste skewers, such as beef satay, chicken satay, satay beef liver, intestine satay beef or satay mix. On this occasion, choose to enjoy satay mix. Satay mix is a combination of the four existing types of satay.

Shortly after ordering, satay bulayak came and ready to eat. What distinguishes this dish is satay peanut sauce poured into the sate. This peanut sauce taste sweet but not spicy, savory and slightly acidic due to spiked with a little lime juice.

From the beginning, bulayak was wondering what? It turns out that bulayak is a kind of rice cake wrapped in palm leaves or palm leaves. The form was much smaller than a rice cake in general. Bulayak is soft textured and very tasty on the tongue.

How to eat satay is also quite unique. Bulayak satay seller does not provide a spoon and fork to eat this dish. Buyers can immediately remove the coil from bulayak then mencocolnya with satay peanut sauce and bite.

Well, for those who are not too keen on spicy foods, can add soy sauce to taste. Unfortunately only around this area for this type of drink nothing typical. So the choice fell on the ice tea that can relieve spicy sweet.

To be able to enjoy a serving of satay bulayak a shake of the tongue, the buyer only reach the pockets of Rp 15,000. So if the visit to West Nusa Tenggara, stopping only in the region in Udayana Mataram to be able to satisfy the appetite.


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