Majalengka, The Region that Rich with Historical Value

Majalengka is a district and regency capital of the same town in West Java province. This district is bordered to the north with Indramayu district, Cirebon and Kuningan district in the east, Ciamis regency and Tasikmalaya District in the south, and Sumedang district in the west. The northern part of this district is lowlands, while in the south is mountainous.

This might be a lowland and an urban area, but Majalengka have some destinations like, Herang lake, Tirta Indah Waterboom, Maja waterfall, Cipanten lake, Cipadung, Tojong waterfall, Sadarehe national park, Prabu Siliwangi tourism object, dinosaur park, Talaga Manggung Museum, Rentang Dam and many more.

The early development of Majalengka was divide into some era. The first era was remain about the first Hindu Kingdom in Telaga. This period was divide into 9 governmental, which was: the Batara Gunung Picung government, Prabu Darma Suci government, Sunan Talaga Manggung government, the government of Simbarkencana Queen, Sunan Parung government, the government of Sunyalarang Queen, Prabu Pucuk Umum government and Sunan Wanaperih government.

The second period was the last Hindu Kingdom in Majalengka. In 16 Century, it was the first entrance of Islam religion in Majalengka. In 17 Century, there was influence of The Great Sultan of Mataram. In 1705, the entire of West Java was colonized by The Dutch.

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