This is the largest monastery in Indonesia, standing so proudly. do not need to pay for admission to tourist attractions in the city of Medan, but it is important to keep the peace when he visited her. Adhi Maha Vihara Maitreya is a place of worship Buddhism, has a beautiful atmosphere, neat, and kept clean. Standing on an area of 4.5 hectares, this temple architectural building is characterized by the teachings of Buddha Maitreya. When entered into the temple, you will find three sacred statue, the statue of the Buddha, the Goddess Kwan Im, and Judge Bao. On the outside there is Genta with a size of 3.3 meters in height and weighing 7 tons, engraved with the words Dharma Hati Maitreya. This Genta is a called Happiness Genta. around the temple while taking pictures is the most popular activity carried tourists in addition of course to the purpose of worship for those who wish to do so. This Monastery is divided into 3 main buildings, namely :
– The first building there is a Baktisala common a place of worship Buddha Sakyamuni, Bodhisattva Avolokitesvara and Bodhisatva Satyakalama. The building has a capacity of 1500 people. On the right side of the building there are Avolokitesvara Park equipped with several games for children. There are other parts of the auditorium with a capacity of 130 people, a vegetarian restaurant and souvenir shop.
– In the second building is the Maitreya Baktisala area with a capacity of 2500 people. In this section there are also baktisala Holy Patriarch, but it also contained multipurpose hall as a special dining room reception. While in the third building is a meeting hall with a capacity of 2000 people. All of the building there is a guesthouse, only guesthouse in building one of the most complete facilities namely the office space, meeting rooms, recording studios and a soup kitchen. Additionally on the left side of the monastery there is a koi fish pond with the colors of the beautiful swim to and fro and the bird park which is a collection heron. It is said that the existence of this bird came from Europe and Australia, where this place as a stopover while when the migrant birds from one place to another.

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