Maena is a dance that very simple and modest, but it contains the meaning of togetherness, joy, excitement, which is not less exciting dances that exist in the archipelago. 
Compared with Moyo dance, dance baluse / dance war (still of Nias), maena not require special expertise. Simple movements have made almost anyone can do it. Obstacle or difficulty only lies in a series of rhyme-rhyme maena (fanutunõ maena), in order to fit with the event where maena it done. 
Maena Poetry (fanutunõ maena) is usually performed by one or two persons called sanutunõ maena, while the maena lyrics (fanehe maena) voiced by many people who participated in the dance maena and referred to as sanehe maena / ono maena. Maena lyrics are fixed and kept repeated/voiced by the participants after the poetry of maena have been completed sing, until the end of a dance maena. 
Maena poetry sung by people who are fluent in the Nias language Nias (amaedola / Duma-Duma), but over the development of a sophisticated and modern civilization, Maena poetry that typical oh li nono niha was much disappeared, even more mixed by the Indonesian language, this could be listened if there are maena events in big city. 
Maena arguably a ceremonial dance and colossal of Nias tribe, because there is no limit to the number who may participate in this dance. Maena usually done in a marriage ceremony (fangowalu), party (falõwa / owasa / folau ORI). 


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