Madura Bull Race

wendit_swimming_pool.jpgBullrace is one of Madura’s culture, which become the special characteristis of Madura Island. The beginning of the bullrace originated from the fact that Madura is not so fertile that is not good for agriculture, instead the Madurese cath fish and breed cows and bulls which are also used for farming especially to plough the fields where paddies or second crop plants are grown.



A man named Syeh Ahmad Baidawi who firstly introduced the weay of working the soil with using bamboo sled pulled by two bulls known as " Nanggala or Salaga ". He was actually a proselytizer who came to Madura to spread up Islam but also taught Madurese the way of ploughing the fields. From this new knowledge that he had taught, he got tittle as "Pangeran Katandur" (Prince of Planter).
The early purpose of bull race event is to get strong bulls for ploughing. The Madurese take care of the bulls and compete them in ploughing their fields as soon as possible. In this way the idea of competing come into existence and then developed into organized sport called "BULL RACE". The bull race soon becomes annually activities carried of every year especially when harvest on the fields has finished.

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