Lutungan Island


Lutungan island is one of the icons of Tolitoli, whose position is located right at the mecca of Tolitoli town. The distance between the islands with the mainland town lutungan Tolitoli time ranges from 15 minutes distance by using a marine transportation mode that is generally known as katinting by Tolitoli society. Pictured above is the tomb of King Tolitoli named Syaefudin Bantilan Lutungan buried on the island. It is said that there is a myth that says if we went to eat the king and menancapakan se inch sized piece of stick and then in tancapakan to the grave with a hope and prayer that we pray, then we take back the stick and then measured again when it changes size becomes longer from the beginning, the hopes and our prayers will be granted by the creator vice versa, and this has been proven by some people who have visited the island this Lutungan.

Once upon a time, long before the island is called Lutungan, Tolitoli community recognize the island as Tando Kanau (Cape of palm). Because the first peninsula of the island is filled with palm trees. The palm tree is believed by some people Tolitoli have a philosophy because in addition as an ingredient for making brown sugar, palm tree also believed to ward off lightning. The fruit can be fro and it’s fibers used for roofs and many other uses. That said, so many palm trees that are on the island, by the people of Tolitoli named Tando Kanau, which etymologically means Tando mentioned that the Cape and Kanau means palm. According to the saga, this Tolitoli region has existed since ancient times or since God created the world’s existence. Only when it has not been inhabited humans. The first humans who inhabit Tolitoli is Tomanurung descent (descendants of Gods).

The word is derived from the word Totolu Tolitoli (Tau Totolu atu Triple). The ancestors of people came from three human Tolitoli heaven incarnate into this world each month melalaui Olisan, Bumbung Lanjat and Ue Saka. Incarnate through Olisan Month (gold bamboo) is known as Tau Dei Baolan or Tamadika Baolan, which was transformed through Ue Saka (a type of cane) is known as the Tau or Tamadika Dei Dei Galang Galang, while a daughter who was transformed through the tube Lanjat (treetop complexioned) known as Tau Dei Bumbung Lanjat or Boki Month.

Tolitoli tribes inhabit an area that stretches from south Sojool Seoo Lenjuu, Fang Island to the north of Kuala acting, Mount Raeta and Mount Tabadak. Tamadika Dei disappeared on Mount Galang Galang in District Assemble with riding horses red, Tamadika Baolan disappeared in the village on horseback Dadakitan yellow, while Boki Moon disappeared on Mount Tatanggalo with white horses. The third man cut Tolitoli heaven.
All small island located in front of City Tolitoli a protective shield for the city and Tolitoli of interference and threats from the outside. Shield forefront as the third ring is a guard who was on the island Simatang. Local people call the guard as Mihasa and Seu. The second shield is Kabetan Island, which is the second ring guard. Supernatural ruler of the island by local people called Barzanin. While the first shield is Lutungan Island which is known as Tando Kanau. As guardian and protector Tolitoli City, Tando Kanau a ring one. Supernatural ruler of the island, called Kalna Hadin. According to the beliefs of indigenous peoples who live there, in Tando Kanau are supernatural power. The island is believed to be the center of magical power that comes from Mount Tatanggalo as well as the center of the third meeting of the unseen world of ancestral tribe Tolitoli, namely Tamadika Baolan, Tamadika Dei Galang and Boki Month. Moreover, Tando Kanau is also a branch of the unseen world of the unseen world centers around the world, based in Uwentira in the Land of Kaili, Palu.
While geographically, ranks Simatang Island, Island and Island Kabetan Lutungan be protective and shield Tolitoli City of threats large sea waves and strong wind gusts. On the island there Kanau Tando Lutungan or the tomb of King Syaifuddin Bantilan, who ruled from 1859 until 1867. Syaifuddin Bantilan is powerful king. He is a descendant of King Mohammad Yusuf alias Saiful Mulk Muidjuddin Malatuang which lowers the kings who ruled in the kingdom of Tolitoli.

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