Lower Market located at Ahmad Yani Street in Senapelan District, Pekanbaru Regency, Riau Province. Lower Market is the oldest traditional markets in Pekanbaru which consists of four floors. The market building is a blend of Malay and Chinese culture. Located on the edge of the Siak River and close to the port makes it easy to access the market. The market is located in the north pekanbaru this, a lot of shopping centers that provide goods antiques, knickknacks household accessories from both inside and outside the country. In addition, this market is also renowned as one of the shopping centers used electronic goods (second hand) coming from abroad. Under the current market has become one of the tourist attractions in Pekanbaru that must be visited every tourist who comes.

Here, you can find a variety of ceramics from China, carpets from the Middle East and secondhand electrical goods from foreign countries such as Singapore and Malaysia are still worth taking. You can also find a variety of typical snacks Pekanbaru such as lempuk durian, smoked fish, dodol kedondong even chocolate and candy from neighboring countries. For people outside Pekanbaru, under Market is one place that must be approached as a visit or just stop in the city of Pekanbaru. This market has become a trademark of its own for many people. Because it has become a favorite shopping community, under the market finally unveiled by the government as the tourism market. Travelers who come to this market, usually made of smoked fish as a souvenir of the city or by the pekanbaru. The tourists are able to visit this market will feel the unique atmosphere, as if being in Chinatown Singapore.

This can be seen from motief reliefs contained in building this market. Paint the walls were filled with striking colors, just like building a building that is in chinatown singapore. To get to the bottom of the market is not too difficult, because it is still within the city of Pekanbaru. The tourists can go directly to the Senapelan District from pekanbaru city. From Senapelan District tourists can use public transport or bus to get to the bottom of the market place. In this market, already available supporting facilities, such as public toilets, mosque, parking area. In addition, also available escalator that allows visitors to move from one floor to another floor.

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