Kuta beach is an icon for Bali tourism. But in south Sulawesi, Losari beach is the icon of Makassar city. It used to title as the beach with longest desk in Indonesia, probably the world. It happened because there are many food stalls were line up along the beach shore. But now, those eatery places had been relocated into nearby place, not far from Losari beach. This step was taken by the local government so the beach will stay comfortable and clean.

Losari Beach is one of icon and famous beach in Makasar City, South Sulawesi. Initially, its beach well-known as the longest table in the world because there were lot stalls along the dike of beach. But now, those stalls have been relocated to other place which is not far from the site. You probably will surprise to know that 1 km of stalls can be seen there. The local government has been beautify Losary Beach by providing a port to make it cleaner and more comfortable to be visited. Around the beach, you can see cafes and restaurants that provide you fresh seafood. 

Losari Beach becomes one of beautiful beach because you will be able to see amazing sunset when the day almost dark. The color of the sky will change and it looks so beautiful because it will reflect into the water and this brings tranquil to people who watch it. You will see many boats from distance with the wave of water become higher. Lot of people comes there to shoot this beauty by their camera and keep it as nice memory there. Losari Beach is located at Penghibur Street, Makasar City, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. The beach is surrounded by concrete dike to restrain wave of water. This beach becomes the most popular destination for local residents because they can spend their time to do exercise or jogging in the morning while hunting culinary dishes. The situation in the evening becomes more crowded and the young boy and girl love to enjoy romantic place there. 

 It is easy to reach Losari Beach because this beach located in the city. Numbers of public transportation pass the edge beach. From Hasanudin Airport, it takes around 45 minutes by motorcycle. And if you come from Soekarno-Hatta Port, it takes around 20 minutes. Losari Beach stretch along 4 km and you can see so many hotel close to this beach. For instance, Aston Hotel, Aryadutta Hotel, Losari Beach Hotel, MGM Hotel, and Quality Hotel. For you who have limited budget, you can go to Kenari Hotel at Joseph Latumahina Street. But, most of traveler loves to stay at Losari Beach Hotel and Quality Hotel. The ideal time to visit Losari Beach is at evening, from 15.00 – 21.00. And if you come there on Sunday, this beach will be flooded by people from around the country. In one place, you can see old people doing heart exercise, or biking or just strolling. 

After you tired enjoying Losari Beach, you can come to enjoy local dish. You only need to walk for 5 minutes from the beach. Try Epe Banana. This is kind of raw banana baked, then made it flat and you can taste it by adding brown sugar liquid. In order to add the odor and taste, usually the seller will give durian. Epe Banana becomes popular dish there. The other dishes you can try are palu butung, meatball, konro soup, coto Makasar, pisang ijo ice, seafood, fried rice, fried noodle and more.


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