The location of the cave is located on the edge of the highway Land Grogot- Banjarmasin or within ± 80 km from the capital of the Land Grogot. There are various stalactite and stalagmite that is yellowish white, one naturally formed rock melody which can be issued when the time scales. Goa Losan in Paser language means cave translucent, where the cave is very large and spacious. Habitat thousands of bats and swiftlets also be in the cave so that adds to the exotic nature of this cave. Komam Muara District . Due to its location right on the edge of the road , put the region ‘s natural attractions frequently visited by both domestic and foreign tourists . Goa Losan Paser means that the language through this cave has its own charm . In addition to a copy from one place to another in the form of porches large enough , also when we entered Goa Losan seemed to go into the dark bowels of the earth , but save the stone ornaments strange and extraordinary beauty . Because there is no special lighting , as he entered the cave should be guided caretaker or officer of the Department of Tourism which is Paser tribal descendants still inventor Paser or Losan Goa . Visitors should be equipped like a flashlight or torch lighting. There are two routes that were targeted visitors , if to the left , to travel about 1 hour more , can be found the source of water . It is said that according to the story , the source of water that never dry and very cold , although drought struck Komam Muara District , the site of the baths a daughter who is still young relatives Petung Sudurangas kingdom . That said , every person who washed my face accompanied by good intentions , it will be granted his prayer. Besides stone baths , not far from the site in a different direction , there is also one that is not owned keajiban caves in other parts of the archipelago . There is a row of stone if the sound has struck a tone that sounds like a regular drum , and the stones pitched stone named.

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