Lontong Balap Surabaya

balap.jpgSome says, it is the original food of Surabaya, besides Semanggi Suroboyo, and Rujak Cingur. Lontong balap, according to its name consist of slices of lontong (steaming rice covered with banana leaves), added with bean strouts soup, fried tahu (soya block), lentho, soya sauce, fried union, and chilli sauce. Lentho made of rice peanut (in Surabaya so called tholo added with the flour, koempheria galanga, leaf onion, orange purut, and salt. For some people, eat the lontong balap not yet complete, otherwise added with the cockle satay. The question is why it is called lontong balap (Balap in English mean Race) ? It is said, this name emerge from the style of lontong balap merchant in the past. All merchant used the big bamboo stick accomodating two clay frying-pan. Big size measure, its is clear weight shouldered. As a result, the merchant have to quicken its journey, provoking race. Since then, the term of lontong balap was emerge.

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