Liwutongkidi Island

The Island is located in District Katadua and Siompu, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia . Liwutongkidi Island is one of the islands contained in Buton. Island covering approximately 1000 sq km is has a tropical climate with an average rainfall 1000 mm per year.

Liwutongkidi Island by the local government of Buton regency included as one integrated area development Batauga Basilica, Siompu, Liwutongkidi, and Kadatua). The goal is to develop marine tourism object (submarine) in the district with a rich variety of attractions that marine. Hopefully, by the region’s Basilica, the excitement of the tourists to visit the Buton Regency increases.

Although the island is not very large compared to other islands in Buton Island, the island is capable of providing unique nuances through the beauty and charm of the beach below the sea. Shoreline along the island is filled with stunning stretch of white sand and nuances become more beautiful when combined with the pounding of ocean waves that comb the sand. In addition, under the sea’s natural wealth of the island is also interesting to visit. Biotic diversity of coral reefs and underwater regularly chime in symphony of nature’s under water beauty of the panorama.

For tourists who come from out of town and wanted to stay, not to worry. In  Bau-Bau city, which is not so far from the island Liwutongkidi, many available hotels for a comfortable stay. The same with food and drinks, the tourists can choose a suitable place for dining fun because along the way at the Bau-Bau there are food stalls and restaurants serving diverse cuisine menu of delicacies.

To reach the site as a tourist attraction can be done in two stages of the journey from the city of Kendari (Southeast Sulawesi capital) First, from the town of Kendari, Bau-Bau to be able to use pioneering aircraft or ships. If using aircraft pioneer, The journey time approximately 1 hour and about 4 hours if using two sea boats, we travel to the island Liwutongkidi using sea transport with travel time approximately 15 minutes.

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