Liwutongkidi Island


Liwutongkidi is one of the islands located in Buton district, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia. The island measuring of approximately 1,000 km square has tropical climate with the rainfall average of 1,000 mm per year. Liwutongkidi Island has been included as one of the integrated developments of BASILIKA (Batauga, Siompu, Liwutongkidi, and Kadatua) to develop its marine tourism objects (undersea). It is being expected from the existence of BASILIKA area, the passion of tourists to visit the Buton district will increase. Although the island is not as big as other islands in the Buton Islands, but the island can provide unique and charm nuance from the beauty of the coast under the sea. The coastline stores stunning stretch of white sand and the nuance becomes more beautiful combined with sea waves.

In addition, its natural wealth is also interesting to visit. The diversity of coral reefs and undersea biota regularly chime in symphony to add the panoramic beauty of the undersea world. Liwutongkidi Island is located in Katadua and Siompu sub-district, Buton district, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. The location of this tourism object can be reached with two ways from Kendari city (the capital of Southeast Sulawesi). First, the trip begins from Kendari city to Bau-Bau city by aircraft to take about one hour or by ship to take about four hours. Second, the trip from Bau-Bau city is continued to Liwutongkidi Island by sea transport to take about 15 minutes.

Although the island is not so great when compared with other islands in Buton Islands, the island is able to provide a unique feel and charm through the beauty of the underwater beach. Shoreline along the island is filled with stunning white sand and feels more beautiful when combined with the ocean waves that comb the sand. In addition, the natural wealth under the sea that is on the island is also interesting to visit. Diversity of coral reefs and underwater biota regularly chime in symphony of natural panoramic beauty beneath the sea. Arriving at Liwutongkidi Island, you will see a beautiful island. The beach has white sand with blue sea water, making you comfortable to play on the sand. Swimming can become one of your pleasure activities. You can also enjoy the beautiful under water panorama of Liwutongkidi Island by snorkeling or diving. One thing that you should remember is that Liwutongkidi is an uninhabited island. So, if you want to do snorkeling or diving, you have to bring your own equipment. If you want to stay at night, you can stay in Bau-Bau city. Besides that, in this city there is also a restaurant which serves various typical food of Southeast Sulawesi.

Tourists who come from outside the city and want to linger need not worry because many comfortable hotels are available in Bau-bau city. Several restaurants are also available along the city road offering a wide menu of tempting dishes.

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