Liwet Rice

liwet.jpgNasi liwet is a kind of food from Central Java. As we know, rice cooked just by water, but nasi liwet is rice that cooked by coconut milk. It is traditional javanese way in cooking from past to now. In the past, the pan used for cooking made by soil. The taste will be more delightful if it cooked by firewood but different region have different way. Nasi liwet usually serve together with Opor Ayam (chicken opor), Telur Pindang (pindang of egg), and sechium edule as the vegetable. Traditionally, it served on a banana leaf or teakwood leaf. Personally, I prefer to choose teakwood leaf as the substitute of plate, because of the special aroma. The aroma will increase our appetite. Should be noted that nasi liwet complements could not be separated from coconut milk.

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