A small lake with high sulfur ingredients, the bubbles in the side of lake transmit hot water vapour. Lake color has change of light and depicts a view. The light shadow is blue, green, turquoise, etc. Jitney rising from Tomohon bus terminal towards intersection to lake, then walk (about 700 m) through in way towards the lake from Lahendong village. The colors in this highly sulphurous lake constantly change depending on the light and viewing perspective. Many species of large and small birds make their home around the lake and the grassed area to one side is a very pleasant spot to take a picnic lunch. Be carefull for bubbling mud holes at the edge of the lake, or you will end up with serious burns.

Lake Linow (Danau Linow) is a unique experience for the view reveals three colors in changing sequence. The lake’s natural beauty unfolds as a number of grouse fly low from one of its edges before dipping onto its surface that contains sulfur, and hence the three colors. The sun’s rays also affect the gradation in color as they reflect and refract off the lake’s surface. The lake itself seems to be divided; one side is filled with sulfur while the other side is devoid of it. There is, in fact, a natural canal within the lake that channels the sulfur flowing out of the lake. As a result, there’s a strong sulphur odor in the area of Tomohon, especially near Danau Linow. As consequence, an unpleasant smell becomes discernable (similar to rotten eggs) and smoke rises from the soil.

 One side of the lake is colored with a mixture of blue and green, while the other side is crystal blue. This fine combination of colors is reminiscent of a master painter’s canvas, evoking a spectacularly exaggerated landscape best captured in landscape paintings. There is a rest area that is quite neat and clean. Lake Linow is located in Lahendong village. From Tomohon city, you can drive a car that will take about 20-30 minutes. There is a nice car park.


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