Limboto Lake

However, at this time the depth of the Limboto Lake only around 78 m. The depth that like this makes the Limboto Lake unlike the lake usually that have the shape of like the natural pond. The Limboto lake had the form of the muddy surface. Nevertheless, in the middle of this lake, the visitor could see various floras of the fresh water that grew in his surface, like eceng the goitre, gelagah, and the water lily. In this lake, the visitor could carry out various activities, as fishing or boating.

In the morning or by at dusk was time was best for visited the Limboto Lake. When like this, the visitor could see the game of the colour of nature that was caused the sun rose or sank, that increasingly beautified the attraction of the Limboto Lake. In the meantime, scenery in the afternoon increasingly will capture with wild birds that flew free in the lake. They were wild birds that were coming home from its roaming.

Beauty of the Limboto Lake will increase if the flower season arrived. In this season, eceng the goitre and gelagah will blossom, spread smelled nice that was fragrant. At first again if along with cracked him water lilies, some surfaces of the Limboto Lake will be covered the beautiful water lily.

If hungry attacked in the middle of the fun enjoyed the attraction of the lake, the visitor might not worry. The fisherman’s community around this lake sold various fish burnt like indigo, cork, and mujair, that could be eaten with chilli sauce dabu-dabu. Fish burnt results of the fisherman’s local whim was it was guaranteed fresh, because of being the catch fish personally.

Apart from the fish, soft prawns (the re-bill) also could become alternative interesting for the visitors who wanted to dine in the Limboto lakeside. Usually by the local inhabitants, these prawns were only washed clean, afterwards was mixt with the grater coconut, the orange juice nipis, as well as other spices. The deliciously piquant feeling mixture, sweet, and hot, from this cooking can make the visitor’s tongue fluctuating enjoyed the flavor.

The location of the Limboto Lake close to the Jalaluddin Airport, so as to make the visitor from outside Gorontalo too much was not difficult to reach him. From the Airport headed the Limboto Lake could be followed by using the taxi or the rented car that often was waiting around the airport.

In the Kayudurian Village, one of the villages that was in the Limboto lakeside, the visitor was able easily to meet the rower who was ready delivered went round the lake. These rowers will offer several routes berperahu like to the seller’s part of the fish, went round the lake around the Kayudurian Village, or berperahu crossed the Limboto Lake. The price to berperahu this, eventually depended the route and the agreement between the rower and the visitor.

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