Limboto Lake in Limboto – Gorontalo

Limboto Lake area of 3,000 hectares clearly has an important role to the surrounding area as a water catchment area for the surrounding areas. The location of the lake is located in the administrative district of Limboto, Gorontalo.

In addition to having an important role for the life of the surrounding community, this lake is one of the places of interest as a tourist destination. Early morning or late afternoon is the best time to visit Lake Limboto. When the sun rises or sinks, more lively views of the lake by the sparkle of sunlight that falls on the surface of the lake water and the color of the sky changes color.

Many activities you can do here like, fishing, boating around the lake, or enjoy the view of lotus and water hyacinth blooms are some of the attraction that you can do at this lake. Wealth in the form of freshwater lakes can be used for fishing.

Lake Limboto also the estuary of the five major rivers, namely: Bone River River Bolango Daenaa River,River Alo, Bionga River, and the River Molalahu. Water flowed through Lake Limboto Topadu River which empties into the Gulf of Tomini a distance of about 10 km.

In the vast Lake Limboto there are many recreational activities that you can do. Start of lounging on the banks of the lake while enjoying the scenery or just fishing, or wading through a lake with boat rental.

Visit the lake in the early morning or dusk is touted as the best time. At these times, the morning sunshine will give its own nuances for the scenery around the lake or on the surface. Spent the rest of the day while sitting and chatting with people nearby would be nice.

Another bonus when visiting the lake during the afternoon was the presence of wild birds that fly freely around the lake. Do not forget to capture the charm of beauty with your camera.

If the lucky opportunity to come to Lake Limboto during flowering season, the scenery unfold in front of the eyes is much more interesting. Hyacinth and reeds that grow on the surface of the lake has an attractive flower and smelled fragrant flowers are typical. In addition to water hyacinth and reeds, lotus flowers do not want to miss adding to the beauty of Lake Limboto.

The number of traders around the lake adds to the bustling atmosphere and culinary tourism can be an alternative to the typical Gorontalo while enjoying the sunset and welcome the lights illuminating the dark night. Specialties such as grilled freshwater fish such as tilapia, served with sambal dangabus Dabu-Dabu could be an option. The fish is guaranteed fresh because of the catch itself.

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