Likunggawali Waterfall


This attraction is a steep cliff climbing more than 80 meters and has a beautiful natural scenery. At this location there are also waterfalls and trekking paths that pass through several villages in the vicinity, namely Likunggawali Line-Janaedo (a trekking path from the east coast to the west coast) and trekking paths Towera-Janaedo. This tourist attraction is a place of sport climbing steep cliff approximately 80 meters and has a beautiful natural scenery. On the trekking path Likunggawali – Janaedo, which can be seen is the waterfall Toranaya and at certain times in the location of the waterfall can be seen swallow nest White (Colbcalia Fuciphagus).

Likunggawali Waterfall location in the village Marantale, District Ampibabo and can be reached by all types of vehicles. distance from Parigi to Marantale village is approximately 29 Kilometers and continued on foot to Likunggawali.

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