Liang locals Mangkulangit or language means Lifting Goa sky given by the inventor. Kandilo river flows underneath there. Long journey is approximately 45 minutes from Muara Komam or approximately 10 minutes from the village of Muara Kuaro. Liang Mangkulangit meaningful Goa Lifting the Sky. The name is very suitable because of its shape that protrudes upward as if being held up the sky. Liang Mangkulangit is a volcanic rock that serve as walls and roofs for Kandilau River. In addition pomp rock climbing wall and high enough, the natural charm of the area is still natural and beautiful. Includes a variety of existing wildlife and a row of trees magnitude. Most rocks wrapped with green moss. Not to mention the sound of water droplets falling from the rocks. Adds to the attractiveness and charm of this region.

When you are through the air then the nearest town to get to this area is through the city of Aberdeen. From Balikpapan to Land Grogot which is the capital of Paser takes about five hours drive. Well of Land Grogot can journey continues towards Muara Komam and continued in the direction of the village about five kilometers Lusan so far and get off at the bridge Kandilau. The bridge Kandilau then replace your vehicle with a motor boat hire upstream. Long journey of about ten minutes.

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