Lhoknga Beach, The Home of the Worldwide Surfers, Banda Aceh

Lhoknga Beach 

Near to Lampuuk, there is Lhoknga beach. This tourism site is about 20 km from Banda Aceh. Here, you can relax under the shady trees or playing beach volleyball in the white sandy beach and sloping.

If relaxing and sunbathing is not enough for you, you can try surfing in the sea. Lhoknga beach has waves with 1.5 to 2 meters high that suitable for those who love adrenaline rush.

Lhoknga beach has a beautiful white sand with a few rocks, blue sparkling sea water, a lined up coconut trees and cypress trees that made the atmosphere cool. For surfers, there are five-point for surfing in Lhoknga beach. Five points that include: Left Hander Point, Cemara Right Point, Peak Point, Suri Point and Out Side Right Hander Suri Point is taken from the name of a local surfer who died in the tsunami 2004.

At dawn, do not miss the beautiful sunsets on this beach. This placemis increasingly crowded in the afternoon, where many come to see the sunset, while sit back and relax and enjoy roasted corn.

Lhoknga beach is also popular for Golf Course, Surfing and fishing activity. Especially for surfing, the big and fierce wave in Lhoknga had been known among the international surfing community.

For those newlywed couple and want to have a place for honeymoon, Lhoknga beach can be an alternative for a romantic place. Being on this beach while accompanied by the sea breeze in the afternoon and the dim light sky will make the romantic atmosphere appears.


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