Lhok Keutapang

lhok_keutapang.jpgLhok Keutapang is situated on a tip of Sumatera mainland. The spot is also perfect secluded beach. Amazingly, it is around 45 minute from the city center. I went there with guides from the Aceh Explorer, Firdaus and Alex.
We started from Pekan Bada, one of the hardest hit tsunami area. En route, we passed by hills, villagers plantations like chilly and durian. Also I spotted hornbills. I was stunned!! This is my first time to see hornbills freely flying around above my head. Unfortunately, they were too fast (or my camera is too slow??). We found also squirrels, monkeys and eagles.

It took around 45 minute to 1 hour walking to reach the beach. The route is enjoyable. Especially when you passed by the plants that live in a forest bed. I saw similar plants in people’s garden. But, in the forest, thay are all for free.

On the beach, there is a cave. But, if you want to explore the cave, you have to be careful with the big wave. Also, when you plan to go swimming. The under current can be dangerous.
My preference is too have a good look and enjoying my moment to see the scenery.

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