Lets Go Bromo

All know Bromo. They come to Bromo to watch the sunrise. The visitor also can look down at the crater that full of smoke and feel the cold of the air, is probably could only be done in Bromo. Our eyes will also completed by the sea of sand that the way to reach Bromo’s peak. The main gate to the sea of sand and mount Bromo is through Cemorolawang. This is the most crowded visiting area, especially on holidays. There are many kinds of activities that could be carried in this area such as; Camping, watching the scenery, horse riding to the sea of sand or walking.

Mount Bromo has settled by Tenggerese for about thousands of years. They who are God follower and always do their custom strickly has a historical relationship with Majapahit. The Anthropologist from our country or other country is interested in doing some research because the Tenggerese are strickly in keeping customs for centuries, without influenced by the world’s change. So there so many versions of the uniqueness of Tenggerese in Probolinggo. It can be in the forth of tale, folktale, “serat” and “kidung,” legend and science report.

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