Lengkuas Island, Favorite Destination in Bangka Belitung

Lengkuas Island is favorite destination in Bangka Belitung Province, Indonesia nowadays. This is one of island among hundreds islands that surround Belitung Island. This is really a fantastic island for you who love to do marine tourism.

Actually, Lengkuas Island is situated northern of Tanjung Kelayang Beach at Sijuk sub-district, Belitung Regency. The panorama in the island is so beautiful featured by lot of granite stones, white sand and clear water. The shallow water enables you to peep what underwater clearly. With the depth 1.2 meter you can see fishes swimming around you.

To reach the island, it takes around 20 minutes by boat from Tanjung Kelayang or Tanjung Binga. From the seaside of Belitung to Lengkuas Island will take 30 – 45 minutes.

Between Lengkuas Island and fishery pier in the Tanjung Binga, there is an island named Burung Island. Along your journey to Lengkuas Island, you will through its island which is has wider size, white sandy on southern side and granite rocks on northern side. Usually, visitors would stop there for a while during their trip home from Lengkuas to Tanjung Binga. The main attraction is granite rock that has shape resembles to a bird, and that is why people recognize this island as Burung Island.

Source : ww.indonesia-tourism.com

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