Beautiful Waterfall Lematang height of 40 meters and is one of the natural attraction that became the mainstay of the City Pagar Alam. Its position right on the edge of the road at a sharp bend and uphill on the way to the City of Pagar Alam. To reach the base of waterfalls, are commonly used for the stairs down and up by visitors. On the left-right down the stairs there are several cafes and seating for a brief rest. Soothing waterfall splashes of visitors who came to this location.

Lematang Beautiful Waterfall is one of the tourist sites are very easy to reach because it is located on the outskirts of roadside Pagar Alam, precisely located between the City and the City of Pagar Alam Lahat. Panoramic beauty of the region’s very charming with winding roads with sharp bends.

Many visitors who pass this way will make themselves pause to enjoy the scenic waterfall Beautiful Lematang without having to run down. Location Lematang Beautiful Waterfall is located in the District of North Dempo, City of Pagar Alam, Palembang.

The road to the location of the waterfall is in good condition because it is a main street district, but quite a lot of corners and winding. Location Lematang Beautiful Waterfall is located about 10 km from downtown Pagar Alam. If taken from the city of Palembang will take about six hours with the distance of about 298 Km.


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